Friday, November 11, 2016

18 Questions I Hope Are Answered in the Gilmore girls Revival

Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life is coming to Netflix at the end of the month and I could not be more excited! I never actually watched the show when it originally aired, but after several friends recommended it to me (and once I realized they weren't talking about Golden Girls), I finally watched it. And watched it again. And again. Caleb bought me the box set of DVDs once I started watching the entire series through for the 3rd time, and I've now seen every episode at least 8 times. Is that pathetic or admirable? :)

I thought I'd write a couple of posts with my thoughts on the series and my hopes and questions for the revival.  If you've never seen Gilmore girls, well, I recommend it highly, but you should probably not read these posts, as they will be full of spoilers!

To start with, I thought I'd share some questions I'd love to see answered somehow in the revival. Yes, there are a hundred lists like this already, but I don't think any will be quite like mine:

1. Okay, yes, everyone else is asking this one: WHERE IS MR. KIM?

2. Is Dog Paul Anka still alive and kicking?

3. How many times has Ms. Patty remarried? (Or has she sworn of all loves but 'the business we call show'?)

4. What's the longest Emily Gilmore has ever kept a maid?

5. Did Rory's astronomy building ever get completed?

Image result for rory gilmore astronomy building

6. Is Rory still active in the DAR? (Or at least friends with Tweeny Halpern?)

7. Did Paris ever actually get Puffed?

8. What ever happened with Cat Kirk?

9. Did Kirk ever end up buying the Twickham house after Luke backed out of the deal?

Image result for twickham house gilmore girls

10. And did Kirk and Lulu ever get married?

11. And do they have kids? (And is that mildly terrifying or what?!)

12. Have Zach and Lane had any more kids? What do their children hide under the floorboards?

13. Did Brian ever get together with Kyon?
14. Also, if Kyon was an exchange student, why was she in Stars Hollow for at least 2.5 years? Aren't exchange students usually only in the US for a school year?

15. Is Sookie's third child a girl or a boy? And what did she and Jackson name their child? After all, they used up all their favorite names on Martha Janice Lori Ethan Rupert Glenda Carson Daisy Danny.

16. Probably no one else cares about this, but did Lindsay ever remarry? Or maybe reconcile with Dean? She wasn't perfect, but she also did not deserve to be cheated on.

17. Did April ever successfully grow an avocado tree?

18. And finally: will I understand any of the pop culture references this time? (Probably very few.)

This isn't really a question for the revival, but did anyone else ever notice that Logan is basically an older version of Tristan?  Or that the first time Lorelai meets Lane's future husband, he hits on her? (A little weird, if you ask me!)

What questions do you hope get answered in the revival?

Check back in the next couple of weeks for more Gilmore girls musings!

Love and Pizza,
Leah Joy

(P.S. None of these photos are mine.)

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