Friday, April 20, 2012

As Most Bloggers Say...

I am the worst blogger ever.

Lately, I've been so busy with my work hours increasing (I worked 20 hours this week!), keeping up with housekeeping, trying to maintain something of a social life, trying to learn more than four dinner recipes, keeping up relationships with my family, and making sure I'm getting enough sleep and exercise.  I actually worked 4 days this week (not full days, obviously).

I don't understand why people now say that you should only use 1 space between sentences.  When I was a kid, you always put 2 spaces in there, and if you didn't, you lost points on your homework!  And now you tell me to use only 1?  No way!  I won't get 100%!  (Especially when the teacher turns the zeros into eyes and puts a little smile underneath?  I loved that!)

Tomorrow, my mom, sister, and I are volunteering as officials at the TBC Tournament.  I was always in TBC (Teen Bible Challenge, if you don't know, think Bible Bowl, but slightly less cheesy) as a high schooler, and our tournaments were just an extension of our regular season.  Each of the 6 competitions over the year would cover only one portion of the material, but tournament covered everything.  That's what made it so fun for me, because I studied regularly, so this material was still in my head once I had brushed up a little bit.  But for the kids who always crammed the night before the competition, well, they had 6x as much information to cram in now!

After high school, I volunteered as a coach for a year, but soon got pretty burned out on the whole thing, so I switched to officiating.  Now that I live 30 miles north of most of their competitions (area churches), I only volunteer at the ones really close to me.

They've recently changed tournament.  Instead of a way to challenge the current year's quizzers with everything they've learned, it's now a way to recruit quizzers for next year.  They take some of the next year's material.  Teams can consist of current quizzers, parents, veteran quizzers, etc., but they also must have a new quizzer to compete.  It's set up like any sports' tournament.  And then there are door prizes and stuff, too, because that's supposed to make more people want to come.

Okay, so I'm a little bit jaded.

I wasn't planning on volunteering at this year's tournament.  It's too far south for me, and I never really have a lot of fun (which isn't the main reason one should volunteer, of course).  But my poor mother got roped into volunteering (and she was not looking forward to it either), and there's a 50% off clothing sale at Salvation Army that day, and I thought, what if we suffered through it together (each room has 3 officials, so that's perfect) and then went and bought really cheap clothing, like we've been wanting to.

So it's a plan.

TBC really is a great organization.  It's amazing how many Bible verses kids learn, and how many I still know from high school.  They come to me when I need them most, and that is extremely valuable.  I really do admire the organization, but as with any organization, by spending too much time with it, it's easy to get burned out.

Today, I'm getting a free 30-min massage that I won in a drawing!  I never win anything in drawings!  (Well, I guess I can't say that anymore.)  I'm super excited!

Love and Thrift Stores,
Leah Joy

P.S.  They just switched all Bloggers over to the new look, which is what I had tried before and no one could comment.  I hope they fixed that!


  1. That one space thing drives me crazy! I always use two spaces between sentences, with the one exception of texting. And, Uncle Jim teases me about it.
    Have a fun day tomorrow!