Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Your Opinions Please

This is my attempt at a recital poster. (Click it to make it bigger.)

What do you think?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Barbie, meet G.I. Joe."

My cousins (Benjamin and Daniel, for those of you familiar with the family. Teenage boys, for those of you who aren't.) may say they dislike girls. The fact remains, however, that they are currently downstairs playing Barbies and G.I. Joes with Chloe (AND JACOB), helping Barbie and her friends move from their old tenement house (the expired cabinet) to their new townhouses (which said cousins BUILT for this purpose).

And I think Jacob, Benjamin, and Daniel may be having the most fun.

Boys. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pore Strips

So, here I am in Philosophy, learning absolutely nothing. Seriously, we've discussed the same point for an hour, and the Facebook of the person next to me is only interesting for so long. So I'll blog, since nothing on my To-Do list can be done in class (i.e. Practice bassoon).

Supposedly, using pore strips weekly will reduce the size of your pores. I've been using them on my nose for the last month or so, and I have noticed improvements. And yet, pore strips can get expensive. A box of 8 can cost around $6 (in my area, at least). So, I searched YouTube and discovered this video of this adorable Asian girl demonstrating how to make and use your own pore strips:

My mom and I tried this, and they really do work! We just have a few recommendations. Our microwave is more powerful than hers, so it really is important to test it on your hand. It also smells (and looks) like goo for Rice Krispie treats, so don't expect a sweet, fruity, manufactured smell. I got a little overzealous and applied it to my entire face. This really hurts when you peel it off. The skin on your cheeks (especially under your eyes) is really sensitive. Anywhere you have hair (i.e. upper lip) is really going to hurt. If it hurts too much to peel if off, though, you can just rub very gently with a warm, wet washcloth.

We had fun!

Love and Languishing (as I am in this class),
Leah Joy

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Dear Friends,

Fashion has lately been fascinating me. Not in a "I want to do all of this and look just like these models" way. More of a "That's so weird that it's fascinating" way.

Seriously. I see the "latest fall fashions" and I wonder, "Who would wear that?" Honestly, folks, if someone walked into your classroom wearing this outfit, would you think, "Wow! Latest fashions! What a fly, stylish girl!" No. You would think, "What a weirdo."

Like, really? Metallic leggings and a short, balloon-skirt "dress"?

And what is she wearing around her neck?

Who wears this? No one would even wear this to PROM!

Okay, this outfit is actually really cute... but then there's her hat.
Great Barrier Reef! Where did they come up with this outfit? And her hair?

I realize "camel" is a very fashionable color this fall, but really? A '70s style high-waisted pant suit thing?

What is this?

Anyway, I like to be comfortable in my fashion... outspoken, maybe. But mostly just comfortable.

Why do we look at these latest fashions and covet? No one wears them anyway.

Okay. That's all I have to say for now.

Love and Laughter,
Leah Joy

P.S. Oh, my philosophy professor assigned 6 chapters of reading and was like, "It won't be so bad; they're short chapters." Well, okay, it was 100 pages. Not really that bad, but not as not-bad as he made it seem. Plus he assigned "a quick article and video". Which meant two 12-page articles and an HOUR-LONG video. So I'm "watching" the video now... which means "sort of listening while I blog about fashion and clean my room".

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Laugh In All The Wrong Places

Since starting classes, I've discovered something interesting/annoying about myself. I laugh incorrectly... quite often. When we're in class and the professor says something amusing, I guffaw... and I'm the only one laughing that loud. When a friend tells a joke, I chuckle silently to myself. My friend ends up thinking that I don't think they're funny, when in actuality, I think just about EVERY joke is hilarious.

I think I might try to amend this.

That's all.

Love and Laughter,
Leah Joy

P.S. Oh yeah... school is fine. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obligatory First Day of School Post

Today is my last first day of school (if I can help it).
It's my senior year, or rather, senior semester. After December, I will have my B.M. in Music Performance (emphasis in Contemporary Christian Music: voice, guitar) (yeah, say that 10 times fast).

So I'm supposed to post about my worries and fears, my excitements and joys.
I'm just curious to see what a classroom is like again. No more cozy discussions about the music industry while the class curls up around the fireplace. No more hands-on recording time counting as a class.
No, this semester, I get to sit through hours of Christian Theology and Introduction to Philosophy. I'm enrolled in an independent study of Computers in Music: Sequencing. Bassoon lessons, voice lessons, and more voice lessons. Band, choir. Convocation. SENIOR RECITAL.

If I have one worry, it's about friends. I was gone for 4 months and made wonderful new friends. Then I had 4 months to reestablish myself in Grand Rapidian life. But now I'll see them all again, and that tremor of fear I felt upon returning 4 months ago? It's back. I already know that one of my friends is no longer as good of a friend as I thought. But I don't want to reattach myself too closely anyway, right? I'm leaving in 4 months. Why does friendship have to be so hard?

Haha, here I go again, getting all whiny over nothing.

I am excited to be done.

And I know it'll be alright. Each day brings new hope, new promise, and new mercies.

And before I go all obnoxiously-poetical on you:

Adieu, adieu. To you and you and you.

Love and Loquacity,
Leah Joy