Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You may call it an obsession or a weakness... I call it.. .well, the same thing, actually

Well, it's the week before final exams. I have a huge project due on Thursday, and I'm maybe a quarter or a third of the way through it. But I can't concentrate. I'm tired. I feel like all life has been sapped from my limbs.

So I'm writing a blog. :) 'Cause that makes sense.

Today, I will discuss my obsession with jewelry and demonstrate with some picture evidence. (Who's been in speech class too long? Yes, that would be Leah.)

I collect jewelry like children collect scrapes and bruises. (Or was I the only one excited about those?) If I find it for cheap, I'll probably buy it, even I think I might not wear it. (I can use it for parts!)

First, and least, my necklace collection.

I know... Kinda small. Only three hooks worth. But I have a necklace from a dcTalk concert in 1998, a necklace my brother found on the bus in middle school, and three necklaces I got for 50 cents each at a garage sale. Plus numerous gifts. And one I made where I took 5 or so of my big glass beads and put them on a chain. It's outrageous and I've never worn it, but I keep it.

Bracelets, anyone?

This is a box from my lovely friend Briana. It's about 4.5 inches deep... full of bracelets. Most of them stretchy, fun deals. Many of them things I got in Claire's 10 for $10 clearance sales. The top dealio is my fancier bracelets. See the empty spot? That's for my pins. Not an obsession. :)

And now... the big kahuna. (I've never said that before.)

This is my jewelry box. One of those big ones with extra compartments and all. In the bottom, there are my chunkier necklaces and bracelets and barrettes. In the top? Most of my 91 pairs of earrings. I don't think I need any more evidence, but just in case you don't believe that that's 91, I had to pull out my favorites and put them in separate containers so that I had enough room:

I need help. Or 9 more pairs.


Love and leeches (not sure why I said that, either),

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Not Forgetting

Just super-busy!

But you can thank my inability to sleep due to physical pain for me being up earlier than usual and having time to ... well, do things.

Anyway, I was actually going to wrap a Christmas present, but I just thought I'd let my dedicated readers (all two of you) know that I have not abandoned you.

I have left in school:
- One concert (This Wednesday, 7:30 at the CU Student Corum. Be there, or be ... well, in California.)
- Three final projects (One listening assignment, one formal analysis, one paper that has yet to be assigned)
- Three exams (All three easy-peasy)
- One jury (HAH! I had FOUR last semester! This is a piece of CAKE!)

- only ONE white elephant gift! :)

However, once my projects are over (or mostly over, or needing breaks), please expect blogs. I have taken pictures of a few things.


I'm off to wrap up some mac&cheese and Lucky Charms for my brother. Even if he read this, it would not surprise him. I get him the same thing every year.

Love and book sales,