Thursday, May 20, 2010

Smokin' Daisy!

Today, I had a voice lesson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which is about an hour drive south of where I live. I got down there just fine, the lesson went fine, and I got back to Grand Rapids just fine. Then I hit the S-Curve. Honestly, it took 30 minutes to traverse 3/4 of the S-Curve. The S-Curve is like, not even a mile. But factor in all of these:

1. Construction shutting off the 196, so more people are on the highway.
2. Randomly deciding to just close off the 131 (what I was on), so every single car had to exit through a one-car ramp.
3. There were like, 3 houses being moved on trailers. Honestly? 3 houses? Who moves 3 houses on the EXPRESSWAY?? Ok, you can only go like .4 miles an hour ANYWAY; take the freakin' slow roads!

Okay, so then Daisy (my cute little white car) started to overheat.
I exited where they made me, and then since that was an exit onto another highway, going the opposite direction of home, I got off at the first exit. I noticed the light warning me about my engine, so I looked for a place to pull over. Well, I'm in like, the shadiest part of town. So I keep going 'cause I know there's a nice park up the road a bit, and I'll be comfortable stopping there for a half hour or so to let my car cool down. Meanwhile, Daisy starts smoking... or steaming. But still.


I get to the park, and open up the hood so she can breathe a bit and I sit for a while. (I knew there was a reason I always have a book with me!) After a while, I tried starting her. Nope. Read another chapter. Still nope. This continues for about 45 minutes. So I call my parents. My dad came, dumped some water in the radiator, and she started just fine.

I think she's okay now, but boy... am I going to avoid the S-Curve from now on!

Then I went to work... and we had a sale today: All Clothing 99 Cents. So that was crazy.


Love and Liquidation,
Leah Joy

Friday, May 14, 2010

Salvation Army

So, I've been working at Salvation Army. Okay, I've only had three shifts, for a total of 14 hours, but I've already got two good stories. Actually... they are both from today.

So here goes:

Today, I was putting clothes out, and I had a few children's shirts to put out, so I walked to the back of the store, by the dressing rooms. Recently, all the children's wear was moved to the back of the store - but it used to be at the front. Two kids were waiting for their mom, who was in the dressing rooms. As I began putting the shirts in their correct locations, one of the kids asked me, "Do you work here?"
"Yes, I do."
"Why did you move all the kids' clothes back here?"
"Well, I didn't really get to pick where we put them. You don't like them back here?"
"NO! (Both of them agreed very emphatically on this point) The toys are at the front!"
The other kid then added, "Yeah! We can't play with the toys while our mom picks out our clothes!"
And the first kid said, "And we have to wait until the END of the store to get clothes!"
"That is frustrating," I said.
At this point, a small voice from behind the dressing room door said, "You're talkin' to a grown-up!"
"SHUT UP!" yelled one of my new friends.
Then a little curly head popped out from under the dressing room door, "Mom said 'NO TALKIN' TO GROWN-UPS!'"
At this point, I assured them that I wasn't really a grown-up since I'm only 20 years old. "Besides, I work here."
"Yeah!" Said one of my little friends, "Besides, MOM'S a grown-up and we talk to HER!"

I love kids.

Other story:

We play 100.3 "The River" in the store. It's the best of the oldies, some new songs... basically the songs to which EVERYONE knows the words. Today, a woman was walking through our store and said, "This music makes me feel like bowling." At least... that's what I thought she said. And it made perfect sense in my head. At the bowling alley, they always play this kind of music... you know... songs everyone knows? So I laughed. "That's a great way to put it!" I said. ... She had an accent. She actually said, "This music makes me feel like bawling." Like, crying? And she just broke up with someone.


Oh well. She didn't seem too upset.

Love and Liquidation,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Catching Up

Isn't that all I ever do here?

I'm back in Grand Rapids, of course. I just got a part-time job working at the local Salvation Army. I start tomorrow, training as a cashier. I've also been doing some yard work for a friend's friend, which has been nice. I enjoy a job where I don't have to work out afterwards. :) A LOT of raking is really good for your arms.

As of this morning, I have a bassoon back in my possession, and I have two weeks to relearn how to play for the Northview Alumni Band Concert. I also have my bass back, and I'd like to actually learn how to play it now.

So this summer will be filled with Salvation Army, yard work, bassoon, bass, (hopefully) drums, (hopefully) Farmers' Market, church band, a few gigs here and there, trying to write, filling in as a babysitter occasionally, taking voice lessons, and preparing for my senior recital. Oh, and a lot of reading, if I have anything to say about it. And I think I do.

And now I shall leave you with this:

Don't stop believin',