Thursday, May 20, 2010

Smokin' Daisy!

Today, I had a voice lesson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which is about an hour drive south of where I live. I got down there just fine, the lesson went fine, and I got back to Grand Rapids just fine. Then I hit the S-Curve. Honestly, it took 30 minutes to traverse 3/4 of the S-Curve. The S-Curve is like, not even a mile. But factor in all of these:

1. Construction shutting off the 196, so more people are on the highway.
2. Randomly deciding to just close off the 131 (what I was on), so every single car had to exit through a one-car ramp.
3. There were like, 3 houses being moved on trailers. Honestly? 3 houses? Who moves 3 houses on the EXPRESSWAY?? Ok, you can only go like .4 miles an hour ANYWAY; take the freakin' slow roads!

Okay, so then Daisy (my cute little white car) started to overheat.
I exited where they made me, and then since that was an exit onto another highway, going the opposite direction of home, I got off at the first exit. I noticed the light warning me about my engine, so I looked for a place to pull over. Well, I'm in like, the shadiest part of town. So I keep going 'cause I know there's a nice park up the road a bit, and I'll be comfortable stopping there for a half hour or so to let my car cool down. Meanwhile, Daisy starts smoking... or steaming. But still.


I get to the park, and open up the hood so she can breathe a bit and I sit for a while. (I knew there was a reason I always have a book with me!) After a while, I tried starting her. Nope. Read another chapter. Still nope. This continues for about 45 minutes. So I call my parents. My dad came, dumped some water in the radiator, and she started just fine.

I think she's okay now, but boy... am I going to avoid the S-Curve from now on!

Then I went to work... and we had a sale today: All Clothing 99 Cents. So that was crazy.


Love and Liquidation,
Leah Joy

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