Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Guess I'm Getting Old

I must be old now because I keep complaining about kids these days. Ridiculous, I know.

But here's a thought.

When email first came out, I remember being so amazed. What? We can send a letter to someone and it doesn't cost anything?? We don't have to use a stamp?? It's free??? I was astounded. I couldn't believe it. And while I have gotten used to email, there's still something wonderful about opening a real, tangible letter or package.

And kids these days know that. They like getting things snail mail, too. Except to them it's a novelty. What? You can send real, physical things to people?

But here's the catch. Kids these days think that because email is free, so is snail mail. Some girls I know (who are not related to me, for the record) tried to mail a package back on forth on the same few already-used stamps, and with an arrow drawn between the addresses so the postal worker would know to switch them. They were astonished when it came back with insufficient postage on it.

That astounds me. And just reminds me of how kids take a lot of things for granted that we didn't when I was a kid. And that I probably take a lot of things for granted that my parents didn't.

That's all.

Lousy Kids and Their Email.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why No One Likes Middle Schoolers

Remember when we were in 7th and 8th grade?

Remember when girls were catty and mean and boys were stupid, yet strangely alluring at the same time?

Remember when girls would spout "facts" they made up just because they wanted to say something? And you knew they were wrong but you couldn't tell them so? And you were so angry at them because they got all the attention and no one knew they were lying?

Remember when girls would compliment you only so you'd return the compliment and they could feel better? Remember how sick you always felt for participating in this frivolous exchange?

Remember when girls would do stupid, impractical things just to get attention? And it made you upset because you wanted the attention but weren't that stupid? And you kind of wished you were, but not really?

Some girls get stuck in this rut and are still like this when they "grow up". They're still stupid. They still compliment-fish. They still pull B.S. out of their butt and wave it around like it's a Christmas miracle.

Some people, though sadly few, never do this, and I pray my sister is one of them.

I just wish, for her sake, that those around her didn't have to be the stupid ones. That she didn't have to be the one writing this bitter blog post in 8 years. That she could have a little limelight, real friends of her own, and none of this ridiculous drama.

Well that's my bitter rant to make up for two months of silence.

Love and Reflection,
Leah Joy