Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Rant: THIS BOOK!

Recently, I was skimming the "Everything" tab of Pinterest (a dangerous pastime, I know), and I found this book:

Now, don't tell me you don't pick a book by its cover.  I love lemon cake.  I wanted to know what was so sad about it.  And after reading the description, it sounded pretty cool.  A girl who can 'taste' your emotions in the food you cook.  Neat.

So I put a hold on it at our library, and when it came in, devoured it.  (There is no such thing as an unintended pun here.)


It starts out as you might expect.  She turns 9, and discovers her new ability in the most unfortunate of ways: eating her birthday cake that her mother made.  It tastes extremely sad.  As she grows up, she discovers more things about her mother: guilt, an affair, etc.  And you know what?  This wasn't the weirdest part of the book.  Not by a long shot.

See, she finds out from her dad that his dad could 'smell' people's emotions.  Apparently, these 'powers' run in the family.

And then, her brother turns into a chair.

Not like, a new chair.  No, he sits on a chair, and becomes the chair.  So he's not even useful at parties when you're short a few chairs or something!  Talk about an pointless superpower.

He can also become the bed, the couch, the dresser, etc., but the chair is his favorite.

Oh, and he really likes it when he's a chair, but it's very painful when he comes back.

So he becomes a chair forever.

The end.

Um, what?

I want my three hours back.

Love and Cake,
Leah Joy


  1. ...and good grief! The cake on the cover is obviously not even a lemon cake. Unless that is why it is sad, since someone desecrated the chocolate frosting by putting it near a lemon cake!
    BTW, today is "U is for Unicorn" day in Kindergarten.