Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Earring Update - March 19

Today's earring picture makes it look like I wore an impossible number of earrings this week, but it was really two weeks' worth of earrings.  Because of the size, you might need to click it to see them more clearly.  And sorry they're not in perfect order.  It's hard to do that with 11 pictures.

March 5 - This was lemon day, so I wore my lemon yellow guitar pick earrings I made a while back.

March 6 - My friend Kayla gave me these (along with a couple other pairs) because she realized they weren't really her style.  Pretty much every earring is my style, though.  I love these little stereos!

March 8 - More of my pop tab earrings.  Now that I have to actually wear these all, I realize it's kind of silly how many different varieties I have.  I'm pretty sure I grabbed one of every possible variation out of the ones I made to put into my jewelry box.  Fairly unnecessary.

March 10 - I think I got these at Claire's or maybe the Icing.  If I can't remember where I got a pair of earrings, they're usually from one of those stores.  :)

March 11 - I love these earrings so much!  And how can I help it?  SO CUTE!  (In case you didn't know, hippos are favorite animal.)  I got these at our local Farmers' Market from The Empty Nest booth.  Check them out on Etsy!

March 14 - My sister made these.  These are some of the first earrings she made and she's embarrassed when I wear them because they're not as high quality as what she makes now, but I like them.

March 15 - These are probably the second pair of earrings I made when I first got my wire jewelry kit in middle school.  I love them.

March 16 - I made these to match a dress in high school.  This time I wore them for my uncle's wedding!  (Sorry about the weird lighting in this picture.  Caleb's dad and uncle were working on our electrical system [Thank you!] and so I didn't have any warm lighting.  I look so pale! [Oh wait, I am.])

March 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!  These are actually the first pair of earrings I ever made for myself (apparently a trend this week).  They're so dorky, but I think they're cute, too.

March 18 - Just another pair of pop tab earrings.  :)

Love and Mix-tapes,
Leah Joy

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