Friday, March 15, 2013

Lemon Brownies

Normally you should beware the Ides of March, but I guarantee that if you like lemon, you'll love this recipe.

Today's recipe needs a better name.  I got the recipe here, which is adapted from someone who adapted it from someone else, etc.  Regardless, everyone is calling them Lemon Brownies, or Lemon Cake Bars, and they deserve a good name!  I mean, there's nothing brown or chocolatey about them, so we can't call them brownies.  And Lemon Blondies isn't really a great name either.  And Lemonies sounds weird.   These have the taste of Lemon Bars (except better) with the texture and consistency of brownies.  So I need your help - make these, and then help me name this recipe!

Whatever they're called (my mom suggested Lemon Heaven Bars), these are amazing.  Chloe and I weren't so sure when we finally had all the ingredients in the mixer and it looked pretty lumpy.  Just keep beating, and it will eventually turn out creamy like this:

Once baked, it looked like this:

Yes.  We ran out of toothpicks and had to use a fork.  Whatever.  It's still delicious.  The glaze was an amazing and inspired addition.

Although it kind of makes it look like a pan full of raw eggs.  :)  I promise you, this recipe is amazing.  These bars are so lemony and so delicious.

I hope you enjoyed Lemon Week as much as we did.  I know my stove sure did:

Love and Washcloths,
Leah Joy

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