Monday, March 11, 2013

Lemon Loaf

Last Tuesday, I kidnapped my sister Chloe and held her hostage all day.  We (okay, mostly she) juiced 10 pounds of lemons.  But not before we took some pictures.

We took this first shot of the bags, but that didn't look impressive enough, so we put them on a cute tray (Goodwill!), and then photographed Tim the Dinosaur conquering the mountain of lemons.  We hadn't even begun and we were already punchy.

Today's recipe is from Sweet Pea's Kitchen and it is also Number 41 on my 101 Things in 2013 list.  Christina from Sweet Pea's Kitchen has a similar recipe for a lemon-blueberry loaf, which I've made before and adored, so I was excited to try this one.  If possible, this was even better.  We halved the recipe, only because I only have one loaf pan (now accepting donations).  I have never purchased cake flour in my life (and probably never will) so we only used all-purpose flour.  I also substituted yogurt for the sour cream because I don't like to cook with sour cream (it makes me sick).  I'm sure these small changes did not damage the integrity of the recipe, as it was delicious.

Here's the bread out of the oven, before the syrup or glaze had been applied, but after I'd poked multiple holes in it (that was fun):

And with the glaze:

This was gone within 3 days, and that's only because there are only two of us in this house.

As you can see, our counter got quite messy with the syrup and the glaze.  I'm not sure how to avoid that, other than putting down some plastic wrap first or something.  But I don't mind wiping the counter multiple times.  :)

Caleb came in while we were glazing this, and partway through the following sentence, I realized how strange it sounded, so I decided to make it as strange as I possibly could: "Here, run your finger in this sticky, yellow liquid on the counter and then lick it."  :)

But seriously, this bread is fabulous.  Go make it.

Love and Sugar,
Leah Joy

P.S. These are the cooling racks we have.  I love that they can be tall or short, and that they stack when they're tall or short.  They're really easy to clean, too, even when you thoroughly coat them in lemon syrup. :)

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  1. I will be making from-scratch angel food cake for the first time ever, and I plan to use your lemon glaze recipe to drizzle on top. This will be a birthday cake for my mil - she's allergic to chocolate. I'll serve it with fresh fruit...yummy!