Wednesday, March 20, 2013

101 Things Update - March 20

In the past two weeks, I'm afraid I haven't accomplished much more than the lemon projects.  Actually, everything for today is yellow!  :)  Check it out:

97. Finish the 2nd sock!  I'm so excited about this one.  (I'm actually wearing them as I type this.)  They are so cute and unbelievably warm.  AND I MADE THEM!  I used I Love This Yarn! sport weight in Sun Yellow.  If you want more details, check out my post on the first one from over a year ago. :)

I know when I finished the first one I said it took me about 6 hours, but after making this one, I think it was probably closer to 8-9.  Ridiculous.  But probably worth it.

(Please ignore my pasty white legs.)

Now, I know I haven't been great at my 101 Things projects the last few weeks, but this past week, I gathered lots of ingredients, put some holds out at the library, and scheduled the Pretty Pink Princess Party!  These are all in the works now:

7. Homemade Granola Bars
16. Start a cleaning schedule.
80.  Energy/breakfast balls
86. White chocolate popcorn (for the Pretty Pink Princess Party)
90.  Pretty Pink Princess Party on Friday night!
94. Lady Susan by Jane Austen is on hold at the library for me now.

Plus all of my sewing projects I have gathered for when my mom teaches me to use her sewing machine.  All three of them.  :)

Plus all the projects I've had sitting around that I haven't bothered to start.  Yep.

Love and Tanning Lotion,
Leah Joy

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