Friday, February 10, 2012

Crafty Friday: SOCK!

Tuesday I worked all day and then felt sick.
Wednesday was too beautiful outside to be on the computer all day. (Not a real excuse.)
Thursday was laundry day and then I spent time with my husband.

This will clearly be harder than I thought to get back into this daily swing.

Nevertheless, I crocheted a sock! I'm using a pattern that I found on Red Heart here. However, I had a skein of sun yellow I Love This Yarn! sport weight yarn on hand which is nearly sock yarn, so I decided to use that. I used a 3.75mm hook, because it the smallest I have. This meant that even though I have a women's size 9 foot, I made the smaller version of the sock because my gauge was a bit bigger. This won't affect foot length (you pick that), so I guess that just depends on if you like a tighter sock, or want a looser slipper-type feel.

So far I have finished one sock. I went wrong somewhere, because I ended up with 11 stitches around at the end instead of 12 but I'm not sure that's going to kill the sock. It looks pretty good - and it's definitely sock-shaped, which is a huge plus!

I tried knitting socks years ago. A friend offered to teach me but after 3-4 months of getting 2 inches done and then giving up, she wanted her circular needles back and I was okay with that. Very sweetly she finished the project for me and even made the match to give to me! However, I was certain I was done with socks forever. Until I found a crochet pattern. I hated knitting with circular needles, and while I might like it better now, I don't have circular needles. So to be able to crochet a sock instead of knit it was pretty exciting.

However, before you undertake this project, be warned: It took me at least 6 hours to make this one sock. I'm hoping the next will be quicker, but if you are not an expert crocheter (as I am not), you must have patience!

Love and Socks,

Leah Joy

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