Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm Back

I'm back in more ways than one, but I may ramble about that on Wednesday. Meanwhile, here's a delicious recipe that I made recently. I was going to not bake after what we made for the New Years Party until February. A little month for detox or something. On January 27, I gave in.

(Note: not my picture. I stole it from the internet. But that's basically what they looked like, minus the nuts.)

This recipe is from Nestle and it is wonderful.

I didn't have an 8" square pan, so I made them in my pretty red 9" stoneware pie pan. If anything, they tasted that much better because they were made in such a beautiful pan.

And I didn't have any nuts around the house, and they're too expensive when we don't really like them that much anyway, so I skipped those. But it turned out okay, because then my friend who has every known allergy under the sun could eat them. However, I could understand why one would want a layer of crunchy, protein-filled nuts.

As usual, I ate them before I got any pictures, so rather than post a picture of a beautiful-yet-depressingly-empty pan, go make your own. They are worth every single calorie. Unless you're on a diet where you're trying to lose a lot of weight. But still.

Love and Caramel,

Leah Joy

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