Monday, January 16, 2012

The Monday Rant: Milk Sales

While I would say that my cousins drink milk like it's water, they would say that I drink water like it's milk. I am a firm adherent to the doctrine my grandfather held: If something is wrong with you, water can probably fix it. Hot? Drink water. Cold? Drink water. Stomach ache? Drink water. Dehydration? Duh. Urinary Tract Infection? Drink water. (Although I'd add cranberry anything if you have it available.) Headache? Drink water. Poor circulation? Drink water. You get the point.

Regardless, my husband is more of a milk drinker. I only use what I put on my cereal every morning and the VERY occasional 1/2 cup in a recipe. We still go through 2-3 gallons of milk a week - just the 2 of us! It's crazy for me coming from a family that uses just over 1/2 a gallon a week for 5 people.

But I will not withhold from him his milk. He asks for very little from me; the least I can do is keep him supplied. (Wow, it sounds like a drug.)

That being said, I wonder at the price of milk. Regularly, at our local Family Fare and Meijer, it costs $3 a gallon. It goes on sale quite regularly for $2.50 (or rarely $2) and of course we buy it then, but what is no end of frustrating is the sale pattern. Why can't they have sales alternating weeks? That would make sense and be nice and they could just trade off on the big milk sales and everyone is happy. But no. If it goes on sale at one store, it's on sale at the other. If it's not on sale at one store, it's not on sale at the other.

We're actually starting to work out a system. On Sunday or Monday, when we do our normal grocery shopping for the week, if milk is on sale, we will purchase 2 gallons. On Saturday, if we're in town or near a store, we purchase 2-3 more, since by that point the 2 gallons we purchased at the beginning of the week are gone. Those 2-3 gallons will then hold us over the next week when milk is not on sale! Go us!

I guess this has been more of a sales analysis than a rant. Deal with it.

Love and Milk,

Leah Joy


  1. Wow, you get milk for $3.00 a gallon? We get excited when it goes under $4! Happy Monday!

  2. I guess I should stop complaining then! Meijer and Family Fare are the only ones who have it at that price regularly, and it's the store brand, not Country Fresh or anything. The "higher class" stores (D&W, etc.) have it for more.

  3. Yeah, well everything is more expensive out here. The most noticeable things are milk, eggs, gasoline,....and housing!
    I know what you mean though, about wanting to take advantage of staggered sales. I used to watch all the ads for deals on Diet Coke - that item did trade off where it was on sale. I can't stand to pay full price for things!