Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In our culture, you can have any opinion you want. If you want to share it, though, it had better be politically correct and nice.

For example, if you are in a choir, and people are auditioning for solos, you have to tell them "Good job" even if they suck. It's not appropriate to say, "If you still can't sing well at this point in your life, you should really switch to a different major." You can't even plug your ears.

Our culture is one of "You can be whatever you want to be" - but that's not true! I can't be a football player, even if I really want to, because I am female, and too small. I can't be a doctor, even if I really want to, because my brain just doesn't work that way. I can't be a pastor, even if I really want to, because I have not been called to teach.

When we tell our kids they can be whatever they want to be, we (hopefully) only mean that we're not going to pressure them into the family business or being a doctor/lawyer or whatever. And adding "within reason" to our sweet phrase just seems odd. But maybe we should.

You can be whatever you want to be - within reason. And as long as you have the right mind/body type. And the talent or call. And the passion.

Pffft. Like anyone would say that to their kid.

Love and Logic?,
Leah Joy

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So our professor just asked if anyone is going to Las Vegas for fall break, and I said, "Yes, I'm going to get eloped."

Yes, I really said, "get eloped." Haha.


So there's this girl at my school who cannot say anything nicely. She tries...I'm sure she tries. But it all comes out harsh and dictatorial. So yesterday she said to me, "Leah, this probably won't make any sense, but for some reason, I just love your style." So basically, you can't think of one good reason to like the way I dress, and you can think of many reasons to hate it, yet you find that you do, in fact, love it? Okay. Thanks.



We're talking about Bacon in Philosophy. I know he means the philosopher, but my mouth is watering.

This morning (like every morning this week) I watched Sarah and Claire before school. Once Claire and I were walking to her bus stop (which is thankfully only two houses down), she realized that she didn't have her backpack. We had to get back into her house, but I don't have a key. I thought my mom might, so we stopped in my house (in between the bus stop and her house) - turns out my mom doesn't. At this point, we had to RUN behind their house where the hide-a-key is, (slip and fall on the wet leaves), unlock the door, pass off the backpack - and she SPRINTED to the bus stop just behind the bus. We made it... but just barely!

Well, long blogs aren't usually awesome, so here you go.

Love and BACON,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I enjoy observing people and the funny things they often do. Here are a few of my recent case studies:


Situation: School Cafeteria, sitting with some friends and their insane freshman friends
My friends had to leave but I stayed to finish up my lunch. I was left at a table of freshman boys. They began talking about how lazy they were, never worked out, and enjoyed being in poor shape. At one point, I simply said, "I do 25 push-ups every night." Immediately, every guy talked about how he loves working out and three of them decided to meet at the weight room that night for a work-out.


Situation: The prof has asked that we not use our computers in class. A person in the class continuously uses his laptop.
This particular day, the prof approached this student before class and specifically asked him not to use his laptop. Of course the student complied. And spent much of the class complaining to his neighbor about a lack of technology, sighing as he wrote with pen and paper, and fidgeting like he didn't know what else to do. As distracting as a laptop may be, I do believe the fidgeting was worse.


Situation: I'm doing "a little front-porch-picking" on my guitar.
A little boy was running and yelling down the street to meet with his friend. As soon as he realized I was singing and playing, he stopped yelling, and began walking very slowly past my house. I'm not sure if he was being silent out of respect or if he wanted to hear better, but it was adorable nonetheless.


Love and (Yes, I'm in Philosophy),
Leah Joy

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I do believe I only blog during Philosophy class

And I still have a perfect grade in this class....

You know those people where you have to just smile and nod at everything they say?
Sometimes I feel like I might be one of them.

Haha! Class just got out early!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

We're Hilarious! (Just Ask Us!)

Today at lunch, my family was discussing how the Secretary of State always asks for your weight when you renew your license - but your weight is never actually listed on your license. Somehow (Jacob is often the culprit for strange conversation twists) this turned to a scenario in which a girl has a bowling ball under her shirt (in an attempt to appear pregnant) and gets pulled over. Here are her comments to the police officer, all provided by my hilariously imaginative family:

- Please, officer, I'm pregnant. Gosh, it feels like it's rolling around.
- Don't put me in the gutters!
- Be kind, this is my first strike.
- Please officer, spare me!

Dear readers: can you provide more bad puns?

Love and laughter,
Leah Joy