Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sentimental Heirlooms I Treasure

Auntie Rachel asked for it, and I think she's the only regular reader, and I have a few minutes now where I need to NOT do music. So I'm updating.

First, on my life. Dang, am I busy! Don't get me wrong, I love it. But I'm busy. This weekend? I had 3 and a half hours of recording Friday night, another 3 on Saturday, plus 5 hours of rehearsal on Saturday. Also I had to write a song. 4 hours of rehearsal this afternoon (Sunday), plus I can't stop playing anyway. Even if I feel like I should. I'm obsessed with music. :)

Now, onto what you really care about.

This is a picture I have had on my wall since I was a child. It says: "Leah, the sound of your name will always bring cheer to all those who love you and hold you so dear."

I got this dog and puppy from Grandma Chloe (Dad's mom). I like them so much because even though I never really knew her very well, Grandma Chloe was always really sweet to me. (The dog and puppy are creatively named "Dog" and "Puppy", respectively.)

This is my "September Bride". I don't know why she's a bride, but I was born in September. She sits in one of the slots on this box that hangs on my wall. (My auntie painted the box for me when I was little.)

These are our family bells. The big one is mine. And it's cracked 'cause I tried to carry it around on my head. And it fell. The other ones are my mom's and Andrew's. I don't remember which is which.

This is the basket I carried in my aunt's wedding. I think. I think she made it for me anyway. And it's pretty, so I keep it.

When I was little, I had dolls, and my brother thought it was unfair that only girls could have dolls. So my mom gave him this doll that was hers when she was little. It's name is "Rachel". I got it as a hand-me-down when Andrew realized that dolls really are just for girls.

This is a poster I got from my great-aunt Jane's house after her death. I really like the poem on it, and it reminds me of her, so I keep it.

This picture ... I don't even know where it's from. But it's always been in my room, so I can't get rid of it. No matter how tacky it may be.

This is my favorite. Well, my favorite of this batch. (Which is all I have pictures of, by the way.) If you turn the bottom, it turns and plays music. It's really cute. And it's broken a lot, so there are crack-and-glue marks all over it.

Well, it's about time for me to go to a Grammy's party. So... yeah.


Love and guitar licks,

Monday, January 11, 2010

Well, It's Been Like 40 years

But I'm still alive!

So much has happened and will happen and I'm not sure I'll have a lot of time to write this semester. Well, I'll have time to write, but mostly songs, not blogs. Besides, you don't really need to hear about the Sentimental Heirlooms I Treasure. Anyway, life is GREAT. I'm on Martha's Vineyard at the Contemporary Music Center studying Rock Star 101 and it's SUPER fun! I mean, I've only had one day so far, but it's really great. So far. :)

I still have to get laundry detergent, though.

I keep thinking that maybe if I just pretend I don't have to do laundry that I won't, but I know that's not true. For some reason, it just feels like I'm only going to be here for 2 weeks or so, when I'll really be here for like 15. Anyway.

A few more hours until our showcase tonight and I have dinner before that, too, and I have some more stuff to do before that. So yeah.

I love you all, whoever you are!