Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Aftermath

My recital is over.
My paper (first draft) is turned in.
Thanksgiving break is nearly on.
(All my sentences end with prepositions.)

In one hour, one more boring hour of Philosophy, I'll have no more classes until Monday morning. Do you know how good that feels? 5 and a half days to relax, craft, sleep, work, and finish projects. Spend time with my family and friends. Get a Christmas tree.

I love Christmas trees. The family being together to go get it. Everyone laughing and trying to cut it down. Singing Christmas carols obnoxiously. Getting it home and in the house. Decorating it. Hiding candy canes. Bringing out all the Christmas decorations. The magic of it all. Seeing who can be the first one to put a present under the tree. And that's just one day of magic! We get a whole season of it!

What's your favorite part of Christmas?

Love and laughter,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life Plans

As I complete my last semester of college, people often ask me "What's next?"
Honestly, I don't know. I want to be a secretary somewhere, and do songwriting on the side. Will that actually happen? God only knows.
So here are a few life plans I've concocted over the past few days.

Life Plan #1: Janitor
I find a job as a janitor in a local school. While I work, I sing my latest songs - accompanying myself with various housekeeping implements (toilets, mops, etc.). The children are drawn to my singing and I soon have a large following of children which launches me into a successful career (a la Justin Bieber).

Life Plan #2: Fashion Designer
While working at the Salvation Army, I put together a display outfit as usual. A local fashion agent notices my excellent taste and hires me on the spot. I end up compiling outfits for celebrities, including one of the ten dresses Carrie Underwood wears over the course of one awards show.

Life Plan #3: Radio DJ
I intern at the local radio station and as they can't get me to shut up, they give me my own show.

Life Plan #4: Child Nail Artist/Jewelry Designer
My sister becomes such a good advertisement for my nail-painting abilities that soon all her friends ask for similar designs. Over time, I open my own shop and sell my jewelry there, too.

Life Plan #5: Let's Go Traditional
While working as a secretary just out of college, I fall in love with a simple, honest, hard-working man. We get married and have adorable children and I home-school them. At some point, I write a song which Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus record as a duet. It is wildly popular, but I am embarrassed to admit that I wrote it. At least I have plenty of money to send my kids to school.


I don't know, friends. These all look pretty good.

Love and life (and other mysteries?),
Leah Joy