Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I enjoy observing people and the funny things they often do. Here are a few of my recent case studies:


Situation: School Cafeteria, sitting with some friends and their insane freshman friends
My friends had to leave but I stayed to finish up my lunch. I was left at a table of freshman boys. They began talking about how lazy they were, never worked out, and enjoyed being in poor shape. At one point, I simply said, "I do 25 push-ups every night." Immediately, every guy talked about how he loves working out and three of them decided to meet at the weight room that night for a work-out.


Situation: The prof has asked that we not use our computers in class. A person in the class continuously uses his laptop.
This particular day, the prof approached this student before class and specifically asked him not to use his laptop. Of course the student complied. And spent much of the class complaining to his neighbor about a lack of technology, sighing as he wrote with pen and paper, and fidgeting like he didn't know what else to do. As distracting as a laptop may be, I do believe the fidgeting was worse.


Situation: I'm doing "a little front-porch-picking" on my guitar.
A little boy was running and yelling down the street to meet with his friend. As soon as he realized I was singing and playing, he stopped yelling, and began walking very slowly past my house. I'm not sure if he was being silent out of respect or if he wanted to hear better, but it was adorable nonetheless.


Love and (Yes, I'm in Philosophy),
Leah Joy

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