Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Oh-So-Exciting Life

I recently received a letter from a friend who told me my life always sounded so exciting and cosy. (Yes, spell check, I am spelling it the British way because an s is cosier than "cozy".) So when I opened this page to blog about anything going on in my life, of what did I think? Absolutely nothing. I've been a bit tired and lethargic lately, and I think I may be fighting something because I have no other reason to be tired. So what have I done? Well, I got pre-pre-job-training that took about an hour. And other than that, so far this week I have gotten groceries, made applesauce, cut up celery, dried celery leaves (ooooh fun), watched software training videos, eaten way too many snacks, worked out on the Wii, and hurt my wrists knitting too much.

Nothing in that list is particularly exciting. I mean, who gets a knitting injury? (Actually, me, a lot, when I try too many projects at once.) Yesterday I made a pair of rainbow striped wrist-warmers for me, the same way I did those blue ones for Sarah.

So my new job. I'll start real training on Tuesday. Yesterday was just an hour for "here, read this, and this, and this and this is where this is and this is where this is, now go read."

And my husband brought me flowers yesterday! They're so pretty. There are a couple sunflowers, and some purple daisies, and some pink carnations, and a couple lilies, and some greenery (some with little tiny yellow flowers) and they're just so pretty!

And I have absolutely nothing else to say. If anything exciting or interesting has happened to you so far this week (or more exciting/interesting than my stories, which shouldn't be too hard), please share in a comment!

Love and Uneventful Weeks,
Leah Joy

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