Friday, February 17, 2012

Rainbow Revue

I told you I was going to make a million rainbow things (okay 4 or 5) and I did! To review today, here are some pictures!

I started with rainbow yarn. I actually found the yellow in the worsted weight, which is not shown in this picture. (That's the sport weight I used to make my sock!)

The first thing I tried was the vertical stripes scarf. I posted about that one already and this picture is about the best it ever looked. Now it just curls awkwardly, like my hair in the morning.

Then I made this hat, which unless I wear it hipster-style, makes me look like a cancer patient. This hat may be the reason why I am growing my hair out again - so I can actually wear it in public.

The only problem with this hat is where I stitched it up. I'm not cool enough to change the stitching color for every stripe, so it looks strange.

Then I made rainbow wristwarmers. I did a blog about the blue ones I made for a Christmas present. These turned out less cute but more colorful. Each new stripe has, of course, new ends to tuck in, so the edges look funny.

Plus where I stitched them up, I used purple and it shows against the red (duh).

My final project is the best and definitely the one I will wear the most. If not the only one I will wear in public.

Rainbow flower scarf!!!

(The spot is on my camera lens and can be found in every picture. I know it's there and I've tried to clean it but it won't come off. And I don't know how to load pictures off my husband's camera, but I want to learn because his camera is awesome and not crappy and then I'd get pinned more. Because that's the whole goal of blogging.)

Since then, I've used up the green, so unless I get more, there will be no more rainbow things for a while. But since I already have a horizontal stripes rainbow scarf, I really can't think of anything else to make.

Unless you readers have any rainbow suggestions. Do you? Or do you have any projects you'd like to see me try? (I have a mega-project I'm working on right now, which may not be finished for months, so when I get bored with that, I need other things to do!)

Love and RAINBOWS!,
Leah Joy


  1. You are so pretty, and your flower scarf is da bomb!

  2. Headband! Table cloth! LEGWARMERS! Ninja mask!* Bag! Cell phone case!Flower vase cozy! Laptop case! Pillow!

    *Note: Ideas for rainbow projects not edited before listed. And so ideas like rainbow ninja masks are included. :)