Friday, December 16, 2011

Wristwarmers and a Mini-Rant at Myself

These are so easy it seems silly to write about them, but I love making these and wearing them so much.


Fact about me: When I first try a project, if it doesn't turn out well, I keep the bad one for myself. Then I make tons of good versions for other people before I ever (if I ever) get around to making one for myself.

Examples of this:

Knit Scarves: I learned to knit with a package of rainbow yarn. I made a striped scarf that is pretty wobbly for the first couple of stripes. I dropped a few stitches along the way. I keep this scarf. Not until 4 years later did I ever bother to knit myself a scarf, and at that point it was a huge treat. I made it out of Lion Brand Homespun bright red yarn. I knit it over the course of a summer. It should never take one a summer to knit a scarf, unless one is just learning or very busy, neither of which I was. I only bothered to finished the project because I needed my needles for something else.

Crochet Scarves: Some girls taught me to crochet so I thought I'd make a purple scarf. The first 4 feet are wobbly. More stitches, fewer stitches… it's really quite dreadful. I kept it for a while, then realized it was horrible, so I got rid of it. However, since then, I have crocheted literally dozens of scarves for friends. I have exactly two scarves that I have made for myself (the rainbow one and the red one).

Knit Hats: My first attempt, I made the Medium size, figuring that most people have a medium head. Apparently most people have a small head, because that size works. But I still keep and wear my medium size and have not bothered to make myself a regular size hat. I have made at least 11 hats for other people.

Dishcloths: I tried 5 patterns before I found one I liked. I keep all my practice ones. I give the nice ones to other people for wedding presents.

Wristwarmers: My first pair were way too big for me. I wore them maybe twice, because they were seriously just too big. Since then, though, I have made 3 pairs for other people.

So, just so you know, I bought yarn in all the colors of the rainbow and have already made myself a crochet scarf. I am also going to make a hat, wristwarmers, and a flower scarf.

But now, back to wristwarmers. Really easy.

I used stockinette stitch (Knit a row, purl a row, repeat ad nauseum).

I meant to cast on either 36 or 38 stitches (I can't remember which) but somehow cast on 37, so that's what I used to make these.

Using stockinette stitch, make a rectangle that will stretch to fit around the widest part of your hand. I like mine snug, so that's why I make them that way. You could make them bigger.

Make two of these rectangles and leave a long end. Use the end to stitch up the side to make a cylinder. Leave a space for your thumb.

That's all. So easy and wonderful. The stockinette stitch gives it a very beautiful, even fabric - and you can use either side.

Love and Knitting,
Leah Joy

P.S. I just noticed that these shots give you a great view of my tattoo. Maybe I'll write about the meaning behind that sometime.

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