Friday, December 9, 2011

Flower Scarf

Okay, so I love these flowers. I could make them all day and put them on everything in the world. I'd wallpaper with them if Caleb would let me. Coasters! Pot holders! Ornaments! Fake Doilies! These things are so versatile and pretty!

So I decided to stitch them together into a scarf. And I was thinking it'd be cute, but not this cute! I'm actually overwhelmed by how cute this is. I've never made anything this cool!

And again, this is a really easy project, but I'm going to give a tutorial anyway.

As usual, make a billion of these flowers. Once you've finished wallpapering your entryway, you'll need 20-25 of them in coordinating colors. You decide what coordinates. :)

I picked three colors (light blue, dark blue, and purple) and then stacked up the flowers in color piles.

There are two ends to the yarn. The first one (probably somewhere in the middle of the flower) should be woven in when you start. You'll be working with the other end.

Thread your yarn needle with the end of the yarn. Weave it through the edge of a petal until it comes out the side just past the peak of the petal.

Using two or three stitches, attach to the peak of the petal of the next flower. (Make sure that flower's yarn end is at the opposite end.)

Weave the yarn back through the valley between the petals and come out at the beginning of the next petal's peak.

Using two or three stitches, attach to the peak of the other petal on the next flower.
Tie off and weave in end.

Repeat 1-5 until the scarf is as long as you want it.

I thought I'd use 24 flowers, 8 each of 3 colors, but when I got to 21 flowers, I realized it was a good length. I could have gone 3 longer and not had a huge problem, but I decided not to, since it's a gift for someone a little less long-of-torso.

That's it!

Love and Scarves,
Leah Joy