Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Importance of Hydration, Among Other Topics

Drinking water is so important! It's easier for people to remember in the summer because it's so hot outside and they want something cold to drink. But in the winter, when we're already cold, we don't really want to drink something cold. Here are three things I know, without being a science-person or doctor:

1. Water helps your blood flow more easily. This will keep you warmer. Therefore, drinking water actually keeps you warmer.

2. Drinking water can cure (or at least ease the pain of) headaches, UTIs, tight muscles, and other problems that I've either never had or am not willing to admit I've had.

3. Drinking water helps stave off or get rid of sore throats and colds.

Other important things to do when you have a cold are:

1. Get lots of vitamin C: oranges, clementines, and other fruit - also Vitamin C supplements if you have them or can afford them.

2. Take echinacea (again - if you can afford it).

3. Tea with honey.

4. Get sleep! Rest is important!

Keep hydrated, but it doesn't all have to be water. I love drinking water as much as my husband loves drinking milk, but as long as your body is getting fluid - and as long as some of it is water - you will feel better. (Try not to drink too much soda, though; that stuff is terrible for you.) I like to drink juice in the morning; I like tea and hot chocolate, too. Just keep drinking! (But not coffee, because that dehydrates you. Okay, fine, you can have your coffee, but drink lots of water, too!)

This has been a preachy post with Leah, because her husband is sick right now.

Good news, though! Our Christmas dates are finally working out! I love Christmas, and I'm totally fine with the whole "Relatives are in town, drop by anytime and we'll hang out" thing, but when it's an organized party/gift-exchange - I like to have the date and time down!

Love and Laundry Day,
Leah Joy

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