Friday, December 2, 2011

Sequined Flower Ornaments

Every year my family makes ornaments en masse to give as gifts or attach to presents. We've made bells from communion cups, bead wreaths, bead candy canes, pop tab ribbon wreaths, and beaded wire stars, just to name a few. This year, I decided to do my own. These aren't really difficult, but I'll give you instructions anyway.
(AR, please don't copy this for you guys, because you will be getting one for Christmas from me!)

To start, crochet as many of these flowers as you want. Leave at least one of the tails at least 6" long.

I'm using them for another project, too, so I just kept going and going and then picked out 20 green and purple ones.

(These are already finished ones)

Now, gather:
-Crochet flowers
-Thread (we used metallic gold and silver)
-Yarn needle
-Sewing needle (NOT a yarn needle)
-Mini sequins in various colors
-Lots of patience

1. Tie off the tails to be a hanging mechanism. Depending on the lengths of your tails, either weave them both toward the top and tie them together a few inches from the top OR weave one end in and double the other end back and tie off.

2. On the back side of the first petal, attach the thread. Put the needle through to the front and sew on a sequin. Tie off on the back of the petal. Trim the thread close to the knot.

3. Repeat for other five petals.

These are so cute, and fairly simple to make, but a little tedious to complete, so either do them one at a time, or have a lot of patience!

Here's a bad picture of one hanging from our ceiling lights (there is no room for a tree in our apartment).

Love and Sequins,

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