Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shameless Plug for a Friend

It's a YouTube Tuesday! So I'm going to post a video by a new friend I just met this week. She and Spike (Caleb's friend) came over on Friday night to play Mario Kart and paint their own touch-screen gloves. We just became friends on Facebook and I immediately watched all of her YouTube videos. (Okay, I had to bake for an event first, but then I watched them all while working on a hat.) And apparently she read through my blog. So now that we've e-stalked each other, I think we'll be really good friends.

She mostly vlogs, although she's posted a couple of her singing. She's really funny and awkward, so I like her a lot. If you like funny people, or vlogging, or red-heads, you will like her, too!

I picked this video from August because it's especially funny and I'm a list-maker, too.

Love and a Lack of Snow,
Leah Joy

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