Thursday, December 8, 2011

We're Still Sick, But Here's a Good Recipe

I've started using Pinterest, and you can feel free to judge me all you want, but I found my cake batter truffles recipe there, so I choose to enjoy it. My sister-in-law found this recipe for cinnamon roll cake, and it is so easy to make and so delicious.

When I make a recipe for the first time, if I've had it before or if it's fairly easy, I pretty much trust the recipe unless there's a weird ingredient or something. However, Caleb likes me to test out recipes on a trial audience before I make them for parties or anything. It just so happens that he leads a group of high-schoolers twice a month and a group of college students every Sunday. What better test audience than teenagers and college kids, right?

So I made this recipe on Monday for the High School group. I cut it into 24 pieces and then ate one, because I can't send something new (even to high-schoolers) without trying it first. I was being kind. Besides, there was one piece where I hadn't swirled the cinnamon/brown sugar mix in all the way and it got a little burned. I wouldn't want anyone to have to eat that part. So I cut that piece for myself and then died of joy and happiness.

At the end of the evening, the cake pan came back with (miraculously) 9 pieces left. I got some raving reviews and then I ate 2 more pieces. This cake is just like cinnamon rolls, except maybe better because it's so dang easy to make.

My family is having a breakfast theme for our Christmas dinner and I am so making this cake.

I didn't and wouldn't change anything about the recipe!

Love and Butter,
Leah Joy

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