Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Have you ever had cake pops? Me neither. But I'm going to make them sometime. And on Monday night, I made the non-pop, no-bake version of them.

Also known as Cake Batter Truffles.

1. We only have salted butter, so I dropped the salt. That's pretty standard, anyway.

2. We didn't have yellow cake mix, so I used the holiday Funfetti. The sprinkle package that comes with it is the perfect amount to mix in to the batter.

3. I didn't have almond bark, nor did I want to go out and buy it. I wanted to make this RIGHT NOW. (You know what that's like, girls, right?) So I mixed chocolate chips with a little bit of Canola oil. I didn't put any cake mix in with that, either. I was finishing up two already opened bags of chocolate chips, so it was just a little bit under 12 oz and I added about 2 tsp of oil to that. I had hardly any chocolate leftover at the end, and my last few look like I scraped the mug with them (because I did) but they still taste good. Plus I didn't waste any chocolate, and that's the really important part. :)

So yep. Mix up the batter. Form into balls and place on wax-paper-covered cookie sheet. Make room in your fridge (move both gallons of milk, the juice, and all the leftovers) and then chill them for a while. Melt your chocolate. I don't have a microwave-safe container the right size, so I used a mug. It wasn't the ideal width, but it worked. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to spear the ball with the fork and then dip it, so I tried that the first time, but found it was easier to just drop the ball into the chocolate, roll it around with a spoon or fork, and then lift it out on top of the fork. Tap off the extra chocolate and then place back on your wax paper. Add sprinkles and chill!

Here are some pictures of the sprinkle mixes I used. The sugars don't show up as well on the brown chocolate, but they add a nice contrast to the adorable trees.

Are these the cutest or what?:

Then eat and enjoy. Funfetti is a very sweet cake, so these definitely aren't something I'll be eating 14 of in a row, but they're still really good.

These are so easy and cute. I want to make themed ones for every party ever.

Happy No-Baking!

Love and Chocolate-Coating,

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