Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Craft Day Review

This past Saturday, my sister and I had a Sister Day, which was much more practical for us than a Brother Day. I picked her up around 8:00 and we drove to 28th St. All the Saturday after Thanksgiving sales were still technically going on, but everyone was tired or dead from Black Friday, so the stores weren't really crowded, which was nice.

1. Jo-Ann's - We checked out their yarn sale. I've never used Vanna's Choice and they had a great sale on it, so we just wanted to feel what it was like. It was okay, but I decided I wanted to see what they had at other stores first. We did pick up some gold and silver thread for a project that you'll see in my blog on Friday. They had a BOGO sale on the thread, plus I had a coupon, so we got a great deal.

2. Michaels - We just looked around and decided we didn't need anything there.

3. Hobby Lobby - Love this store! Chloe got her jewelry wire for 50% off. And then they have I Love This Yarn! yarn which Chloe and I decided is the best yarn. It's one of the "super saver" yarns, but it's softer than them, and cheaper, and comes in more colors, and has a slight sheen to it. (Note: Red Heart yarn is horrible, scratchy, and pills. I don't care how cheap it is; never buy it.) I picked up 9 skeins of I Love This Yarn! in different colors. The results of that will be shown when they're finished. But doesn't this look exciting!

4. Bed, Bath, and Beyond - We picked up a Christmas present and 2 bath mats for our kitchen (they're softer than kitchen mats!), all for 20% off. Huzzah for coupons!

5. Salvation Army - Chloe had never seen the 28th St store before, so we went in just to look. It smelled way worse than thrift stores usually do, though. We left quickly.

6. Family Christian Stores - My least favorite store in the world. They're always trying to push products on you and they try to guilt you into sponsoring children. But I had a $20 gift certificate (that I couldn't spend online because their website doesn't like my certificate) so I bought a couple things that will be Christmas presents.

7. At this point, it was only 11:00 and we didn't want to go home yet, so we walked around the mall for an hour and didn't buy anything.

Home again, home again, jiggity jog. Strange thing, there was actually more traffic by our house than on 28th St! Crazy!

I taught Chloe to make this crochet flower and started wrist warmers which are a Christmas gift for someone else.

We ate lunch and then worked on a project which you'll see on Friday.

We made lots of paper beads.

And then I tried to teach her how to use and charge the iPod I handed down to her, but it may have died.

All in all, it was an interesting day and very long! I didn't leave Chloe's house until 8:45PM.

And now I have yarn for a million projects!

I'm so excited for Christmas!!!!

Love and Yarn,


P.S. Haha… this was a yarn about yarn!

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  1. Hobby Lobby just opened up here in Temecula, but I have not been there yet. You just encouraged me to check it out! (18 days!!)