Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where's All The Peanut Butter?

We have his and hers peanut butter. I come from a family where the parents like crunchy and the kids like creamy, and because the parents will eat creamy, we usually just got that. Or my dad would get his own jar of crunchy. But now Caleb and I purchase creamy and crunchy peanut butter. I stay out of the crunchy and he stays out of the creamy, except for that time he baked me cookies. But creamy goes into recipes a lot more, so we go through hers peanut butter quicker.

That being said, when I got groceries yesterday, I needed to get creamy peanut butter. I started out at the Meijer nearest the car repair shop. My plan was to get the big jar of Meijer peanut butter. It wasn't on sale, but it was a bigger jar than anything on sale and a pretty good price. I found everything else, but when I got to the peanut butter, all the Meijer peanut butter (except the natural, which is gross) was gone! There were spots for it, but every single jar was gone. The small size and the large size! Of course, when I checked out, the cashier asked if I found everything okay, because they have to ask that. And I said that no, I couldn't find Meijer peanut butter. She said if it wasn't on sale, they probably didn't get their truck in this week yet. Okay, whatever.

On to the Meijer near our apartment (sort of on my way home). They were also out of the big size Meijer peanut butter! I ended up buying a different brand in small size because it was on sale for cheaper than the Meijer price. I was just so confused! Where has all the peanut butter gone?

In other news, I have a pile of maybe 8 wedding thank-yous that I've been meaning to hand out to people and I keep forgetting the thank-yous when I'm going to see people. So I'm finally mailing them today... if I remember. I feel so badly about how long it's been - but I've had them written for a month at least!

Well, I better go put some addresses on them.

Happy Wednesday!

Love and Postage,


  1. Yay!!! I can comment! There is a run on peanut butter, due to a bad crop of peanuts this year. The price was going to sky-rocket, so people were stocking up before it increased.

  2. Oh no! We better stock up, too! ...Except we might be too late.