Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Last night, Caleb and I were ready for bed at around 6:00. Partly because of the time change, partly because we hadn't slept well the night before, and partly because it was Sunday and we're always tired on Sundays because of church (he works there). We decided it was too ridiculously early for bed, so in order to stay awake, he decided to sample some new (to us) shows on Netflix. We watched a few episodes of "Storage Wars" and an episode of "Pawn Stars". In "Storage Wars", while the whole concept of people bidding their money on something unknown sickens me, what made me more angry was the way they treated each other.

Those bidding against each other were jerks to each other. They called each other names, made mean jokes, and were all around rude. The worst to me was how a husband and wife team treated each other. If they were losing money, it was his fault. He got mad at her for being so tight with money and she got mad at him for spending it. And they called each other names, too. Then there was the father and son team. The father was so mean to his son. He made him unload all the boxes, and then got impatient when it was taking a little longer with a particularly heavy one.

In "Pawn Stars" the pawn shop is run by a father and son, along with another guy. They also employ "the village idiot". The father and son made biting sarcastic remarks back and forth, as did the other guy with the father and the son. Everyone was a jerk to "the village idiot", who, get this, was also a jerk.

Honestly, these shows made me sick. Why do they have to treat each other like that?

And then another thought occurred to me: what if the show is making them say those things? What if it's just the Hollywood people knowing that conflict sells? That really sickens me. I don't think it's adorable when families fight. Why can't they just get along?

So much on TV stinks.

Love and More Love,

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