Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we're going to my parents' house to make mashed potatoes and eat lots of food and spend time with family... and do laundry! Not having a washer and dryer has really made me grateful for friends and family!

Because I forgot to list something I was thankful for each day, here is a list of 24 things for which I am thankful.

1. The gift of life. God is so good.
2. My sweet, dear husband. (On Sunday, when we had to leave the house really early, he got my breakfast all ready while I got dressed, and he even put some water to heat so I could make hot chocolate in a travel mug to keep me warm.)
3. All of my family, in-laws and birth family and extended family. Everyone is so lovable and fun!
4. Dear friends to laugh with and talk to.
5. That we can afford to eat healthfully.
6. The ability to knit and crochet. It brings me such joy and I love making gifts for people.
7. Color! What would this world be like without it!
8. This shouldn't be this far down, but God's Word and prayer. I thank God that we can talk to Him and hear from Him and that He gives us such peace through this.
9. Two working vehicles!
10. I am thankful for Brenda and Michelle, who let me use their washing machines and dryers to do laundry.
11. Sales and coupons. They allow us to get nicer things every now and then.
12. My old neighbors, the Shaffer family. Claire is like a little sister to me and their family has greatly blessed mine.
13. Speaking of little sisters, and though I already listed family, I am so thankful for Chloe. She is the best little sister I could ever have. She does crafts with me, plays with my hair, listens to my rants, and punches me.
14. I am so thankful for Cranberry juice!!!!
15. A computer. For fun, business, and friendship.
16. I am thankful there is so much good music to listen to. I am also thankful that there are other crazy people out there who like to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving!
17. I am thankful for the ability to make music. There is a lot of release in playing a song or writing one.
18. I am thankful for pie. How so much joy can be in one sliver is beyond me, but I LOVE pie.
19. I am thankful to have a church that loves Jesus.
20. I am thankful for all sorts of weather, the kinds we appreciate, and the kinds that make us appreciate the other kinds.
21. I am thankful for our apartment, with it's cute paint colors, photo frames, and though it's not a ton of space - it's a good amount for us.
22. I am thankful for our Wii - and especially the Wii Fit, because I wouldn't work out without it. Okay, and I'm also thankful for Mario Kart.
23. I am thankful for the USPS, so I can send letters to friends who live far away. And so that we can defy the little old ladies who say that no one writes letters anymore.
24. I am thankful for a comfortable bed and sheets, which was a gift from so many wonderful people (Caleb's parents, my parents, the camp family, Mr. Pete, and the Shaffer Family)

And another thing my sweet husband did the other day was make me delicious chocolate chip cookies. These are seriously like those big cookies you get at the gas station or wherever. Make sure you actually use the 1/4 cup measure to drop the dough!

Love and Thankfulness,

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