Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Help Your Mom Tuesday

Yesterday was "Help Your Mom" Tuesday in my family. My grandma needed some help with things that I can't do but my mom can. But my mom needed to stay home to drive the kids where they needed to be, make lunch, do school, etc. So, she went to her mom's, and I went to my mom's! I got to take care of the family for the day. We read the Bible and vacuumed the floors. I taught Jacob how to draw a jet. We had lunch and got everyone to their various non-homeschool classes on time. I cleaned some more in my old room. Chloe and I did a little Christmas shopping even! We had a snack and braided hair (not Jacob). And then Mom got home. It was a fun day and a good change of pace for me.

Which is why I am now sitting in my pajamas blogging at 9:00am, which in Leah-time is "do something productive already, why are you still lazing around" time.

I guess I'll go do something.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Love and Applesauce,

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