Friday, November 25, 2011

I Don't Get Out Much

It's Black Friday, and hordes of people are flocking to crazy, intense sales and stepping on each other's toes and probably someone will get trampled on and die today.

That cheerful sentence is how I feel about every Black Friday. I'm sure the sales are great, but why bother?

This year, however, I was almost tempted to go out. Why? A yarn sale.
Lion Brand homespun yarn for almost 50% off!
I don't know about where you live, but here, yarn never goes on sale for more than 20-30% off.
And homespun yarn is so wonderful.
I convinced myself not to go by reminding myself that of my 14 projected projects, not one of them calls for the thickness of homespun yarn.
Phew! Saved by a lack of necessity, unlike most Americans.

I will, however, be shopping on Saturday. Saturday is my Chloe Craft Day. A Sister Shopping Day, if you will. We're going to hit up all the craft stores (plus a few other errands I've been meaning to run) and then have a crafting day where I teach her to crochet a 6-petaled flower and we just craft in general (and I teach her to use the iPod I handed down to her 4 months ago).
I'm hoping the crowds won't be bad on Saturday - I've never gone shopping this close to Thanksgiving, so I'm a complete novice.
But I think we'll have fun.

Speaking of crafts, here is a blog I have come to enjoy. I've seen a lot of crochet/knit blogs where they're run by older ladies who do beautiful work, but use more subdued colors and color schemes. The Sunroom is run by a lady not much older than I am who uses such brilliant and bright color schemes. It's marvelous. Check out her blog here.

Love and Turkey Hangovers,

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  1. I abhor Black Friday! I think it brings out the absolute worst character traits in people, plus the angry mob mentality. I'm with you....count me out!
    I hope you ladies have a fun sister-crafting-shopping-iPod day!