Friday, March 29, 2013


Maybe you've seen this pin, or one like it:

At the Pretty Pink Princess Party, we decided to try this on Chloe's hair.  Chloe has so much hair, and it's so straight and long and beautiful.  But it refuses to hold curls from a curling iron.  So, we thought we'd see how this 1950's-esque fad worked.

Let's just say this to start: that girl in the picture has 1/16th of Chloe's hair at half the length.  It took me all of Alice in Wonderland and half of Pocahontas to do this to her hair!

And then she looked ridiculous.  But I promised her that her face wouldn't be in the pictures with the funny curlers.

In the morning, Claire and I took out the rags (a much shorter process) to find this:

How cool is that?  (She's laughing because Claire and I were both surrounding her, taking pictures like paparazzi.)

So, they're not perfect, but if she ever asks me to do this again, I'll know that taking my time makes nicer curls.  The ones I tried to rush (because I knew it was killing her to sit still that long) were the ones with funky ends.

And the best part is they stayed all day.  Except then she had to shower.  She said the curls evaporated the second they heard the water start, basically.  Which is the opposite of what happens when you straighten my hair.  :)

Love and the Color Blue,
Leah Joy


  1. Chloe's hair is so pretty!!! The curls turned out beautifully. In the end, did she think the result was worth having to sit for so long?

    1. She said maybe for a special occasion, but not for every day. :)