Thursday, March 14, 2013

Raspberry Ice Cubes

Chloe and I got today's recipe from Too Stinkin' Cute.  It's also Number 95 on my 101 Things in 2013 list.

I must say that this is the recipe we followed the least.  First of all, we didn't even use their lemonade recipe; we used the Anne of Green Gables Lemonade Syrup recipe.  I'm sure their recipe was fine, but we know we like this one.  We actually made the lemonade part last, so that we could use all the leftover lemon juice.  We had just the perfect amount for a double batch.  It filled five 12-ounce jars, plus made a very large glass of lemonade leftover. I froze two of the jars and sent one home with Chloe.  

But I digress.  

We only made the ice cubes, and even those we only sort of followed the recipe.  We halved it because it says it makes 30 to 36 ice cubes, and I only have ice cube trays for 28.  (That's not actually true, because I have several shaped silicone ones, but I didn't want to use them for this.)  Then, we thoroughly mashed the mixture, and then instead of pouring the cooled mixture straight into the ice cube trays, we strained it first to get all the seeds out.  We basically made a raspberry syrup and froze it into ice cube trays.

It looks so cute in the glass (as it melts, it becomes a homogeneous pinkish-red) and tastes amazing!

It might be the best raspberry lemonade I've ever had!

Also, you may notice that there is zest back in my lemonade.  Last time I made it, I skipped the zest, because I don't like floaties.  But they add so much flavor, so I'll be leaving them in from now on.

Love and Paisley,
Leah Joy

P.S. I caught Chloe making a very arrogant face as she strained the lemon juice, and I asked her what she was doing.  She said, "Well, I'm stirring lemons.  Only pompous people stir lemons."  

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