Monday, June 1, 2015

Yellow Room - Finally Organized

Caution: Lots of pictures ahead!

The yellow room is finally in order!  Just in time to change it into a nursery!

(But hey, at least it's clean.)

This may not look super organized, but it is.  In the laundry basket, I have things that will go back in my kitchen once I get that organized.  Then I have our toilet paper stash. (There was a really great sale, and now I don't need to buy toilet paper for at least a year.)  Someday, I would like to use the chair for sitting, but now it houses blankets, and my bakery paraphernalia (cupcake boxes, cake takers, cake boxes, etc.).  The little dairy crate is for mending.

I'm so proud of how nicely this came together.  If you don't care what I'm storing, skip ahead.  Otherwise, here you go:  On top, I have some extra baking/party supplies that I have decided what to do with yet.  I also have a decorative tray with little bits I don't want to get lost and some baskets with current/upcoming projects.  The first green bin holds little leftover bits of fabric.  The pot and pans are for crafting, meaning they are no longer food safe.  In the big round basket, I keep leftover craft parts from other projects (i.e. foam balls, pipe cleaners, stickers).  In the beef patties box (hey, it's the perfect size!), I keep all my Sharpies, pens, pencils, paints, colored pencils, etc.  In the middle row, I have a project all wrapped up, a basket of basic tools (stapler, hole punch, etc.) and craft books.  The cardboard box holds my essential oils and Epsom salts.  The blue tray holds stationery, and below it I have an old microphone box that holds small supplies.  In the bottom row, I have another bagged project, and then larger pieces of fabric in the second green bin.  Anything relating to fabric or glass paint is in the penultimate box, and then sticky supplies are in the last one (glue, tape, velcro, etc.)

In the two boxes to the right of the organizer, I keep my knitting/crocheting supplies, and then general craft supplies that didn't fit in the organizer.

I had fun adding a few decorative touches, too, like this sign a friend gave me:

And these cute butterfly pins from another friend:

Now, the last time you saw the other half of the room, it looked like this:

Now it looks more like this:

I know it's still not perfect, but this whole pile is stuff that Caleb and his dad use around the house when they're fixing things.  Yes, it all needs to be moved, but I am not the one to do that.  *hint hint* 

My hippos had to get relocated from the kitchen, and while this isn't their most ideal location, it works for now:

I'm still pretty pleased with my closet organization in this room.  Having only three closets in the house (including two bedroom closets), means I have to get creative with the space, but this system only needs a little refreshing every now and then.  (My idea of a good system!)

I keep extra toilet paper, paper towel, and tissues on the top shelf.  Extra cleaning supplies and spare towels go on the second shelf.

I have bags hanging from the rod for rags, gift bags, tissue paper, and gift wrap.

On the floor, I keep boxes and baskets for gift wrapping, a first aid kit (because it doesn't fit in the bathroom), the sheets for the air mattress, and a box of gifts (for either [1] when we have a surprise event and need a quick gift or [2] when I find someone's Christmas present in April).

And of course, now that whole system will need to be rearranged, too.  Anyone want to come build a few more closets for our house?

Love and Yellow,
Leah Joy

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