Monday, February 6, 2012

The Monday Rant: The Superbowl Edition

Sorry I didn't post on Friday; I was too busy going on my Christmas date with my husband. Yes, that's right. Christmas date. We knew it wasn't going to happen until the new year, but we didn't know it'd have to get put off until the point when it could be more reasonably called an early Valentine's Day date. Anyway, Caleb had planned a full date from morning through afternoon, and then we got home just in time to make dinner for our friends who came over for the rest of the day. So now you'll have to put up with one more Superbowl rant.

I'll be honest. (Oh good. No liars allowed.)
I only go to Superbowl parties for the food. Yes, the commercials are funny, sometimes. But I couldn't care less about the game, the halftime show usually sucks, and there are usually too many chocolatey delights for me to pay too much attention to the commercials.

So I go to Superbowl parties and start eating and then about the end of the 1st quarter, I wonder why I came. Couldn't I have just gorged myself on food at home? Then I wouldn't have had to stay up late for a football game.

Last night did surprise me in a couple ways. First of all, the halftime show didn't completely suck. I don't know if Madonna has to be auto-tuned or not, frankly I don't care. I'm just glad that if she does, her sound people managed to keep their jobs by keeping auto-tune on, unlike last year's Black-Eyed Peas catastrophe. And speaking of keeping things on, I was glad to see that most of the clothes of the performers stayed that way. The cheerleader bit was the most awkward, but we can't attribute that to the depravity of the 21st-century. That looked like something you'd see the Rockettes wear, even back in the 1920s, and frankly, I didn't think it was that inappropriate.

However, the second way in which I was surprised was something that I thought was inappropriate, but a lot of people seem to think was amusing. Did you see the M&M commercial? They're trying to make the brown M&M more appealing, since everyone wants that one gone and a purple one made in its place. So the brown M&M is at a work party with a bunch of people and apparently, because her candy coating is the same color as her chocolate, people think that she's going nude. Then the red M&M comes in and says, "Oh, it's that kind of party?!" and strips off his candy coating and dances in just his chocolate. Now, of course there is nothing inappropriate about chocolate (believe me, I will never say that!). But the idea is what bugs me. And children watch the Superbowl. And children imitate things.

And children also saw the GoDaddy commercials, and the Teleflora commercial, and the one for that one car that was advertised by a scantily clad woman, and the other one for a car with another scantily clad woman.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me anymore that these commercials air during the Superbowl, but I was mostly surprised that M&Ms did one.

That being said, I had delicious food and that part was all I could have wanted.

Love and Popcorn,
Leah Joy

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  1. We used the pause and skip buttons liberally during those commercials. Katie was repeating a line from the LMFAO song this morning.....can't believe I'm actually admitting that. Ugh.

    I also am in it for the food - it's the one time a year I make pigs in the blanket and 7 layer dip on the same day. Yum!