Saturday, September 11, 2010


Dear Friends,

Fashion has lately been fascinating me. Not in a "I want to do all of this and look just like these models" way. More of a "That's so weird that it's fascinating" way.

Seriously. I see the "latest fall fashions" and I wonder, "Who would wear that?" Honestly, folks, if someone walked into your classroom wearing this outfit, would you think, "Wow! Latest fashions! What a fly, stylish girl!" No. You would think, "What a weirdo."

Like, really? Metallic leggings and a short, balloon-skirt "dress"?

And what is she wearing around her neck?

Who wears this? No one would even wear this to PROM!

Okay, this outfit is actually really cute... but then there's her hat.
Great Barrier Reef! Where did they come up with this outfit? And her hair?

I realize "camel" is a very fashionable color this fall, but really? A '70s style high-waisted pant suit thing?

What is this?

Anyway, I like to be comfortable in my fashion... outspoken, maybe. But mostly just comfortable.

Why do we look at these latest fashions and covet? No one wears them anyway.

Okay. That's all I have to say for now.

Love and Laughter,
Leah Joy

P.S. Oh, my philosophy professor assigned 6 chapters of reading and was like, "It won't be so bad; they're short chapters." Well, okay, it was 100 pages. Not really that bad, but not as not-bad as he made it seem. Plus he assigned "a quick article and video". Which meant two 12-page articles and an HOUR-LONG video. So I'm "watching" the video now... which means "sort of listening while I blog about fashion and clean my room".

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