Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obligatory First Day of School Post

Today is my last first day of school (if I can help it).
It's my senior year, or rather, senior semester. After December, I will have my B.M. in Music Performance (emphasis in Contemporary Christian Music: voice, guitar) (yeah, say that 10 times fast).

So I'm supposed to post about my worries and fears, my excitements and joys.
I'm just curious to see what a classroom is like again. No more cozy discussions about the music industry while the class curls up around the fireplace. No more hands-on recording time counting as a class.
No, this semester, I get to sit through hours of Christian Theology and Introduction to Philosophy. I'm enrolled in an independent study of Computers in Music: Sequencing. Bassoon lessons, voice lessons, and more voice lessons. Band, choir. Convocation. SENIOR RECITAL.

If I have one worry, it's about friends. I was gone for 4 months and made wonderful new friends. Then I had 4 months to reestablish myself in Grand Rapidian life. But now I'll see them all again, and that tremor of fear I felt upon returning 4 months ago? It's back. I already know that one of my friends is no longer as good of a friend as I thought. But I don't want to reattach myself too closely anyway, right? I'm leaving in 4 months. Why does friendship have to be so hard?

Haha, here I go again, getting all whiny over nothing.

I am excited to be done.

And I know it'll be alright. Each day brings new hope, new promise, and new mercies.

And before I go all obnoxiously-poetical on you:

Adieu, adieu. To you and you and you.

Love and Loquacity,
Leah Joy

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