Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nerdy Things I Enjoy #1: Balancing my Checkbook

So, it'd been a while since I blogged. And I'm really excited to do the Series on Sentimental Heirlooms I Treasure (no acronyms, please), but that one requires pictures, and I haven't been home long enough to take any yet. So, I'll start with an easy one.

I don't understand why I get so much joy from balancing my checkbook. It could be that I love using my calculator. (In my Jazz/Rock History class in high school, we had to write a blues song. I wrote mine about my calculator as if it were a lover [without the awkward part of that insinuation].) I really do like my calculator. It's a TI-83+, which is cool because I like to see the numbers on the screen. When you just have one row of numbers, and the screen doesn't show everything else, I lose my place and forget what numbers I've added already.

I also like organizing my receipts. I have a big pile I've been collecting the whole month (yes, I only balance my checkbook at the end of the month... not every time I make a deposit or withdrawal like you're supposed to) and then I get to sort them by date and enter them all in and (occasionally) add and (mostly) subtract numbers! And then I get to see if they match up with my statement. And it's so delightful when they do! I feel like I've accomplished something great.

Maybe it's just 'cause I'm a control freak and when I see the numbers all work like that, I know I have control over one part of my life.

Regardless, I greatly enjoy balancing my checkbook.

Do you?

Love and highlighters,

P.S. Did anyone ever notice what an awkward phrase "chicken strips" is? Like, they're delicious... but kind of have a weird name.

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