Friday, June 25, 2010

Road Trip

Hey all!

This afternoon, I'm embarking on a road trip. First stop is Southfield, MI. I'll only stay for an hour or so, but I'm going to visit my big brother. I haven't seen him since Christmas, I think. And I'm bringing him some rather fresh homemade jam. After that, I'll drive down to Cuyahoga Falls, OH - to visit my friends Alysha and Alexandria (they're twins). I'm staying overnight there, and tomorrow evening, (after their family party) we're all driving to Lancaster, PA. We'll stay Saturday night with our friend Bethany (we four were roommates at the CMC).

On Sunday, the four of us and our good (also CMC-er) friend Robbie will pile into a vehicle headed for.... THE CRAYOLA FACTORY! Check out their website. It's pretty awesome. And I'm stoked.

But I'm really just excited to see my roommates/friends again. Out of all the girls at the CMC, I couldn't have asked for better roommates. I would not have traded a single one of those girls for ANYONE in the world. We're perfectly suited for one another. And we're hilarious. Just ask us.

Of course, then, Sunday will include driving back to Bethany's, and then the twins'. Monday morning I'll head back up to GR, 'cause I work at 3:30!

I'm really excited!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Love and CRAYONS,
Leah Joy

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