Saturday, July 31, 2010

Treasure Hunt!

So, I've got one of those over-the-door, 12-hook hanger things, and I try to keep it just to jackets, sweatshirts, my bathrobe, and towels. But I had this one purse hanging there for a very long time. While I was cleaning my room yesterday (shocker!), I thought I'd finally take care of it. When I lifted it off the hook, though, it felt a bit too heavy for just a purse. Turns out I had never emptied it out! It was full of goodies! Here's a picture of what I found:

- two packages of pocket tissues
- a couple Altoids still in the container
- expired bowling coupons
- a zillion writing utensils, including my favorite pen from a few years ago, a Sharpie, and one of those stick eraser things
- a nail file
- a purse-sized bottle of hand lotion
- a little ducky charm
- 3 decorated bobby pins
- several regular bobby pins
- (and this is the greatest!) a nearly-full tube of Bath & Body Works' Mentha Lime Lip Shine!! (I love that stuff.)

(Oh, and there were some little scraps of King Pepermunt wrappers.)

Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked about having an extra tube of lip gloss, especially since I usually just buy Lip Smackers tubes and carry them around in my pocket. (Of course, I still have the Bath & Body Works' American Girl Pink Lemonade lip gloss tube I got from my small group leader in 8th grade, so we all know I'm more of a chapstick girl than a lip gloss girl.) Anyway, I remember that I spent $7.50 on the Mentha Lime stuff, so I'm glad I get to finish the tube.

In other news, today is our 99¢ clothing sale at Salvation Army. My family is heading up there this morning to check out the sale (maybe get a pleather biker jacket for 99¢?) and then I get to work the sale tonight. I figure it will be a pretty busy day at the store, but I've thought that before and then no one shows up, so we'll see.

Love and Lip Gloss,
Leah Joy

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