Sunday, July 18, 2010

Will Someone Please Get Married?

Or at least have a formal gala?

Here's the deal: I just found this AWESOME dress at Salvation Army. It's a beautiful blue. It was hand-sewn. It's an awesome vintage cut. It fits me PERFECTLY (unless I eat too much pizza). (And it cost me $5.) And then I found these AWESOME shoes. They have 4 inch heels, so I'm 6'1" when I wear them. And they almost match the dress (which in my world means they match perfectly). And they're adorable. The toes peek through. (And they only cost me $5.)

So I have this GORGEOUS outfit.


So I need a fancy date.

Or a fancily-dressed party to McDonald's would work just as well.

I just really want an occasion to wear this beautiful outfit.

In other news, my younger siblings just watched Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope for the first time ever. This excellent piece of epic space-adventure filmography was received with much enthusiasm on both accounts, and both children are excited for next week's installment of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

In more other news, Jacob (age 9) played in a baseball tournament this weekend. On Saturday, they played 3 games and went undefeated. Today, they played two games. The first, they won (mercied in 4 innings) 14-0. The second game they played against a team they creamed yesterday. However, today was a new story. The opposing coaches decided to question every single call, causing the umpire to actually change a few calls against Jacob's team. This also caused much discouragement among Jacob and his teammates, who ended up losing 7-11. It is still the general opinion that they'd rather take 2nd place in the tournament and have cool coaches than win 1st place and have nasty, argumentative coaches who stoop that low to scrape up a win for their team.

Finally, I stepped on a bee yesterday and was stung for the second time in my life. Last time was approximately 18 years ago. Amusingly (once I got over the pain), both stings were in the same place for the same reason: the bottom of my foot, because I refuse to wear shoes. I pulled the stinger out and hopped back to the house (after completing the dog's walk-and-toilet routine), where I iced my now-hive-infested foot. Turns out I'm slightly allergic. I had to go to work for 6 hours, but it wasn't so bad. I was slightly feverish, a teensy-bit delirious (aren't I always?), a bit nauseated (not to be confused with nauseous), and kind of itchy. However, I was informed by a very helpful customer (a mother of one of my few readers), to watch out in case my mouth started swelling. Of course, due to my over-active imagination, I soon found my mouth swelling, but my reality check (which - for once - did not bounce) told me that my mouth was, in fact, its normal large size.

Well, I'm glad I could finally update all y'all without saying "Dang it's been waaay too long." Hopefully the next entry will prove likewise. And hopefully it won't contain more allergic reactions and annoying baseball coaches.

Love and Loquacity,
Leah Joy

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