Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Plans

At the beginning of the summer, I made an epic list. Well, a modestly epic list. I had so many plans. Not only would I have a full-time job and be taking 3 credits of voice lessons, I'd also fit in time to gig, play guitar on a street corner downtown, and read 50 books. Every week, I'd get an item from Salvation Army and do a full makeover on it, like paint a table, or re-do a skirt, or something. Plus, I'd keep making and selling jewelry at the Farmers' Market. Of course, I was also going to have my Sr. Recital FULLY planned, down to the last detail. And I'd fit in time to finally finish the antique table my Grandpa gave me 5 years ago.

Now, with 2 weeks left in summer, I've realized that my summer has not been as epic as intended... but I'm still really pleased with it. My job was only part-time, but it provided what I needed it to. I survived my voice lessons. (Well, I still have 2 lessons and the jury, but still.) I gigged twice, and that was enough for me. I read 70 books (so far!) and have "conquered" the Farmers' Market (as much as it can be conquered by the likes of me). My Sr. Recital is sort of planned, my table is untouched, and I did two tiny makeover projects.

But I also got a mandolin and started learning to play it.
I took a road trip for a weekend and went to the Crayola Factory.
I reconnected with my paternal grandmother.
I organized the shelves in my room.
I started an herb garden.
I wrote a few songs.
And I dog-sat. (Never ever ever again.)

So I think my summer has been successful.

How about you, dear reader(s)? What epic (or modestly epic, or not at all epic) projects have you undertaken this summer?

Love and Lavender,
Leah Joy


  1. My epic list included one item: working on my quilt. I think I touched it once, and I did actually make a teeny bit of progress. Uncle Jim thinks perhaps I should wait until our girls are older....and I kind of agree. The one thing I am currently doing is painting a cool shelf I bought from Craig's list. I think I'll have it done before school starts!! Oh, and I also did a bunch of organizing, and found 2 really cool dressers on Craig's list, and had a Thrift-store-a-thon with the girls! And, I attended my first ever curriculum conference - good stuff! Love you!!

  2. Well you got some fun stuff done, then!

    Love you, too!

  3. Hey Leah, I'm not a regular reader of your blog, not sure why I visited today. But anyways, I wanted to answer your question:

    I suppose the most epic activity that I engaged in this summer was getting the next school year figured out. First I had to decide on a school (I chose Davenport), then I had to get a place to live, (I now have a Grand Rapids address), and now I have find a job and move all my stuff.

    I also delivered pizza all summer - which in itself provided plenty of epic (or at least mildly amusing) tales. :)