Friday, March 7, 2014

101 Things Update: March 7

Despite having teeth pulled this week, I still managed to finish a few things from my 101 Things list.  Oh wait, nope, I've been sitting around whining.  But these are some things I accomplished before all that.

13. Make curtains for the living room.

This was my inspiration picture:

I'll share more pictures next week, but here's a quick preview:

100. Knit something with the basketweave stitch.

Have you ever tried basketweave knitting?  Personally, I didn't like it and I thought it wasn't even that good looking.  So I made a lime green rectangle and then stopped because I was pretty sick of this stitch.  This rectangle was sitting on the coffee table when my friend Cara came over and she asked about it.  After telling her this story, she recommended that I make a little pouch.  Many people have made me pouches whilst they were learning to knit or crochet, so Cara recommended that I return the favor.  So I did.

Except I made it really nice and lined it:

I had to hand sew the lining, so I hope my sister appreciates it. :)

101. Read The Hunger Games.

Wow, um, so a great book, but so depressing!  To those of you who have read the books and seen the movies: would you recommend reading all the books before watching any of the movies OR could I watch the movie for The Hunger Games now before reading the other books?

Love and Scrambled Eggs,
Leah Joy

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