Friday, March 14, 2014

Meijer Gardens: Butterflies Are Blooming

First of all, Happy Pi Day!!!  We'll be celebrating with some apple pie tonight!

This past Saturday, my sister and I went to the Butterflies are Blooming exhibit at the Meijer Gardens.  Apparently, half of the state of Michigan had the same idea.  We couldn't take a step in any direction without violating someone's personal space.  We did end up getting a corner of a bench and sat there for a while before deciding to come back during the week when it'll be less busy.  (One of the many perks of Chloe's membership!)  I was able to take some pictures, many of them through lens fog since it was 85 degrees in the conservatory!

These first two are not of butterflies, but they're so pretty!

These next two pictures are of the same kind of butterfly (technically a moth, I believe).  They're so big that they're actually kind of scary!

I hope to be able to share more pictures later!

Love and Pie,
Leah Joy


  1. That large butterfly is a Morpho Butterfly, found in the rainforests of Central America. I know this because Katie just completed a report on that butterfly! She will be so excited to know that you got to see one in person.

    1. Cool! I'm a little ashamed to admit that I was scared of them; they're so big!