Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Bookshelf (Sob)

Many months ago, when I was still trying to do my 5 Monthly Goals in 2015 Thing (yeah, I know you forgot about it, too), I decided to tackle my bookshelf.  We have these amazing built-in shelves in the bedroom that have just become mine (since Caleb gets the whole dresser, and I have a million books).  I've shown parts of it to you before, like when I set up my jewelry organizers on one of the shelves.  That was still working great, but my books were in disarray, so I decided to organize them.  I also took the chance to add in the extra supports for the track shelving that we didn't have when we first moved in.

First, I took all the books off the shelves.  This made a mess.

I got rid of a few books (maybe 5), and also a lot of clutter that had just found its way to the bookshelves.  Once all the books were removed, I had basically empty shelves.

I dusted them, added the extra supports, and then began sorting my books.

Here's the final product:

On the very top shelf, I stashed our hats and our extra sheets and pillowcases.  We don't have a linen closet, but this is pretty much it for our linens, anyway, so half a shelf suffices.

The next shelf down holds non-fiction, sorted according to the BISAC system that our local library uses.  Because I'm a super nerd.

The next three shelves hold all my fiction (and my jewelry organizer stuff).  I was thinking about sorting between adult and juvenile literature, but there are some books that could go in either category, so I kept them all together.  I tried to leave a little room on each shelf for additions to my collection.

And yes, I do have 4 copies of Little Women.

I had some room at the end of the third shelf, so I used a bookend.  Just until I get more books that is.

On the floor, I keep crates with my slippers, hats, mittens, and purses.  I also put all my little kid books here.

Now, you may or may not have noticed the "(Sob)" in the title of today's post and here's why it's there: because all of this lovely organization is gone.  Gone!  While we were getting ready to (not) move, I knew I had to declutter my bookshelves.  While to me, my bookshelves say, "I'm well-read and have excellent taste in all things," apparently to a prospective buyer, they might say, "I'm a hoarder who has too many possessions.  Don't buy my house," or "Look how crammed full these bookshelves are; there must not be room for everything here. This house is sorely lacking in storage."  So, I had to pare down my collection.  And I did cry while I did this.  Yes, most of my books are just in boxes and they're okay, but my bookshelves look so empty!  Now they say to a prospective buyer, "Wow! Look at all this room!", while to me they say, "I hate books. And chocolate. And happiness in general." 

And yes, I could put it all back, but I don't have the energy for that these days.  Anyone want to come help a super nerd re-organize her bookshelves?

Love and Austen,
Leah Joy

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