Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I bet you all thought I forgot I had a blog.  Well, sometimes, I do.  Because I'm busy growing a human.  And there's a lot of other stuff that's been going on, but that's a story for another day.  In the meantime, I've been stacking up pictures of things that have happened and things I have made, so I have at least 3 posts for you!

This Spring, my mom and my sister took me to Windmill Island Gardens in Holland, MI.  We went the week after Tulip Time, when the tulips would still be plentiful, but the crowds wouldn't be.  However, it rained that week, so many of the tulips lost their petals.  We still had a good day, though, and got to see a lot of beautiful flowers!

They have this big field where there are rows and rows of tulips, and had it not rained, this field would have been amazing.  As it did rain, this field was a little sad.

This tree, however, was in full bloom, and I wanted to become a fairy and live in it forever.

We toured a real, working windmill.  Because it's real, and they actually use it for food production, we weren't allowed to explore it ourselves and had to sit through the extremely boring and uninformative tour.  "This is the storage floor.  This is where we store things."  (Actual quote, I kid you not.)

However, the view from the deck was beautiful!

Plus you could see down their pulley shaft, and we waved at some rascally children below. :)

"Look, Leah!  A blue door!"

Here's the far-away shot of the windmill.

We also saw this duck couple who apparently have all the ducklings.  I count at least 20.

I hope to update more about my life (and baby) later this week.

Love and Nutmeg,
Leah Joy

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