Monday, March 14, 2016

Baby Quilt Update - March 14

I've finally had time to sit down and work on the quilt again!  I started by hunting down a piece of cardboard big enough to cut out a 9.5" square for a template.  That was harder than it should have been, since we had just gotten rid of all our boxes.  (I guess I need to stop cleaning the house, right?)

And then, believe it or not, the next step was cutting out all the squares.  Maybe I should just stop trying to add text to this post and let you look at the pictures. :)

It's amazing how much of a difference trimming the blocks into actual squares made.  They actually look like quilt pieces now!

Also, my trash was pretty, so I took a picture of it, because I'm eccentric.

I laid the squares out in several different configurations (spiral, diagonal, various stripe options) before settling on a pretty simple stripe pattern:

I then rotated a few blocks, but the final layout looks much the same.  You can tell it's the final one because my Mom's shoe is the top corner of the picture. :)

Now to sew them!  I have a lot of sewing projects lined up for me; I just need to actually start them.  I have this quilt, a pair of jeans I'm going to attempt to tailor, little felt creatures for a mobile for Josephine, drool bibs (for Josephine, not me), changing table covers, various mending (boring), and a super-sparkly special project. :)

Love and Thread,
Leah Joy


  1. I love it! Such happy colors, and a very cool design. I love you <3


    1. Thank you, AR! I love you, too!